computer on desk - Becoming Internet Famous Podcast April 2020 Income Report

This episode is all about our April 2020 income report. We’ll walk you through some of the promotional decisions we made this month as well as some of our expenses and tools we use to keep the gears turning! We’re sharing the nitty-gritty details and numbers of what the Podcast Production School brand has done since we launched in November of 2019. 

Show Notes

The Journey So Far

Months in operation: 6

Episodes: 7


The Timeline:

  • 9/25/19: Gina, Mel & Hailey first talk about building a podcasting skills course
  • 10/31/19: We get our first email list subscriber
  • 11/29/19 – 12/2/19: Launch #1
  • 1/25/20 – 1/27/20: Launch #2
  • 1/28/20: Added a payment plan option
  • 3/6-8/20: The three of us met in person for the first time at Podfest 2020 in Orlando
  • 3/5/20 – 3/8/20: Launch #3
  • 3/23/20: Rebranded from Podcast VAs to Podcast Production School
  • 3/31/20: Transitioned from launch model to evergreen model
  • 3/31/20: 787 subscribers 
  • 4/30/20: 91 New opt-ins


What We’re Talking About: April 2020 Income Report

  • Promotional efforts in April.
  • Putting a sales email sequence in play.
  • Finishing our rebrand to Podcast Production School!
  • April 2020 expenses.
  • Categories we track each month: Tools, Services, Marketing, Development, Cost of items.
  • Our intentions for May 2020.
  • Total sales as of April 2020 – $55, 516


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