Welcome to the 1st episode of the Becoming Internet Famous Podcast

becoming internet famous live at podfest in orlando 2020

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This episode was re-purposed from a video we made at Podfest in Orlando in the spring of 2020. We have extracted the audio from the video and edited it down to fit our needs for our podcast. 

Podfest was TOIGHT! We had so much fun meeting podcasters and business owners from all over the world. Plus, to add icing to the cake, we got to meet two of our students in real life!

We will definitely attend next year. 

melanie scroggins, hailey thomas, gina horkey at podfest conference in orlando
Lookin’ cute. Obvi!







melanie scroggins, hailey thomas, gina horkey meeting students at podfest conference in orlando
Work sesh before the last day of the conference.


The Journey So Far

Months in operation: 5

Episodes: 1


What We’re Talking About: 

  • Who we are & what Podcast Assist (now Podcast Production School) is


Links & Resources Mentioned: 

Podcast Production School

Original Video

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